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Monday, April 4, 2011

April Mom of the Month: Lindsey T.

Congratulations to Lindsey T.!  She is our April Mom of the Month!!!

I am so proud of Lindsey!  She comes to Strollers In Motion with her kids almost everyday!  She also particpates in my challenge:  Snowsuit to Swimsuit F.I.T. Challenge and has done fabulous!  She is doing a wonderful job living a F.I.T. life for her family (Forever In Training)!!!  Keep it up Lindsey!  You look great!

Lindsey and her family

 Favorite Pair of Shoes and Why?

 If I had to pick a pair of shoes, I'd have to go with a pair of Gap flip flops (as a past kate spade employee, kate would be horrified) I bought over a year ago and have worn any day I could get away with it over the past year.  My infatuation for flip flops has been a long and developing love.  I have always been more comfortable wearing as close to nothing as possible.  Over the past four years, though, they became important because we traveled a lot.  Living in Michigan by no family had us in an airplane at least once every other month if not more.  The only thing harder than trying to get through security with one baby, all your junk, and a stroller that has to be broken down is going through with two babies, all your junk, and a double stroller that has to be broken down (some trips you could have added our two original babies - miniature long haired dachshunds - to the mix).

Lindsey's adorable kids!

 Did you start Mommy Movement Fitness to lose weight?A few months before leaving Michigan, I jumped on to see if there were any mom groups in the area.  When I joined Wichita Mommy Connection, I had no idea that it was linked to MMF.  I went to my first event, the pumpkin patch, as my husband and mom were still working on unpacking our house.  While I was there, I met Tonya and a few other moms and found out a little more about MMF.  I really wanted to lose weight and get back in shape but more than that, I was looking to meet some other moms in the area.  Since October 2010, I have met many wonderful moms and as an added bonus, lost 24 pounds.  I have lost all of my baby weight from my first pregnancy (my oldest is almost three) plus a little more!
Happy birthday Quinn!!!

What formats do you use? My rugrats and I come to at least four Strollers in Motion classes a week (with exceptions if we are traveling or have family in town).  My velcro babies come with me just about everywhere because my husband's work schedule is always changing.  It is great being able to be done working out by 10 in the morning and not having to save it until my kids are napping or down for the night!  I also joined the Snowsuits to Swimsuits challenge this winter/spring.  I am horrible about remembering to text Tonya what I have eaten for the day; however, I have stuck to it at home and knowing her support is there keeps me losing weight. 
 How has Mommy Movement Fitness changed your life? MMF helped make Wichita my home.  We came here knowing almost no one (My aunt and uncle live here but we don't see them often.  They are Westsiders and have admitted that coming to the East side where we live doesn't happen often for them.).  As soon as I started coming to class, about two weeks after we moved, Wichita felt more like home.  Tonya has a great group of women that come to her Strollers in Motion class and I feel lucky to now know them!

 It has also been wonderful and adorable to watch my son make friends with the other kids in class.  He loves coming to class and getting to run around with kids he now refers to as friends. 

Lastly, I haven't felt this great in years!!  I have always wished that I could lose some weight, we even bought an elliptical after my son was born; however, until I started MMF I struggled to make all the right choices to help lose that weight.  My family eats a lot healthier than we used to.  My son has even start eating some vegetables because they are now more available.  I always have some cut and munch on them throughout the day.
Having fun at the zoo!

Have a F.I.T. week,


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