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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Snowsuit to Swimsuit F.I.T. Challenge Blogger- Ashley W.

Congratulations to Ashely W.!  She is our F.I.T. blogger this week!  Ashley had a slow start to texting me and emailing me what she ate but she has turned a corner and it is showing! 

I have worked awhile with Ashley and so excited to see her get so excited about living a healthier lifestyle! 

Remember challenge ladies, the F.I.T. challenge is not over yet!!!  Keep doing your homework and stay in communication with me!

Ashley's story:

Hi there!  My name is Ashley Wiltse.  I am married to a wonderful hubby, Sean for almost 12 years and we have a sweet, fully energetic 3 year old boy named Grier.  I work full-time, teaching 5th grade for almost 15 years.  Like all of us, I am a very busy mommy, wife, teacher, etc., who has been used to putting everyone else in my life first, and myself last.  Thankfully, Tonya has helped me find a balance. . .

As a school teacher, I like things organized, like to know what to expect and like to have everything planed down to the last minute of school. This is when my type “A” personality actually worked in my favor.  I started to realize that if I can plan my classroom down to the nitty-gritty details, why can’t I at home?  I used to come home at night after a very busy day at school, wondering what to cook for dinner.  Because my hubby travels a lot ( his territory is the entire state of Kansas-except for Kansas City), I would always have our schedule for the week planned out ( appointments, haircuts, swim lessons, play-dates), but some reason didn’t think I needed to plan out meals.  I was supposed to be a super mom, wife, teacher and friend and know what I was needing to do at all times, right?  Wrong!  No one can think on auto-pilot their entire day, and I was no exception!  

Love the sunglasses!

A couple of months ago, my hubby and I were visiting about our health and the need for us to lose some weight.  We want to lose the weight to be strong and healthy role models for our little boy and want to create healthier  lifestyles.  So, we brainstormed ideas as to how we are going to do this.  His idea:  eat “cookies”, you know, the ones that you have to buy from a medical office and then you eat a sensible dinner.  ( While this may work for others, it wasn’t going to work for us.) My idea:  continue working out with Tonya and continue doing her challenges.  (I had lost some weight during the holiday challenge, so I was just planning on keeping going). After hearing of my hubby’s idea of eating cookies I found myself going into Tonya mode sayings phrases like “this isn’t just about losing the weight, it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle.”  Then, I asked him what would he say when our son would see him eating his cookies and would want one?  My husband just started laughing and said, “Okay, okay! I get it!  I get it!”

This is when Tonya came into play!  I have really appreciated her thoughts and ideas from our conference calls as well as her visiting with me during our classes. She has given me some great ideas about meal and snack planning.  Having the being super-busy excuse simply isn’t going to cut it for me anymore! I now plan all our meals on Sundays, make salads for the week as well as wash and bag up fruit/nuts for snacks too.  I also cook and freeze all of our meats that we will be using for the week too- grilled chicken, make ground turkey taco meat, ground turkey spaghetti sauce, etc. I can’t take any chances to not have anything healthy to eat or snack on when I need something to get me through the day, so I even bring veggies, fruit and water to leave in my fridge at school.  Texting really does make me re-evaluate what I put in my mouth as well as what I drink.  Water, cranwater and iced tea have become new friends of mine, even though I do miss drinking a Diet Coke every now and again.  

Fun at the beach!!!

For exercise, it has been more of a challenge. I have been fighting a knee and shoulder injury, but I still take two of her class formats-”Fit and Tone/Core Fusion” on Monday nights and “Firm Your Butt Crack of Dawn” class on Wednesday mornings at 5:15 am.  Even though I don’t always want to go to class after a long day, I have never regretted going to class because I always feel better and rest wonderfully at night.  Tonya is great about creating individual exercise plans to help restore injuries too. Getting up at 5 am on Wednesdays forces me to get to bed early the night before and so I am continuing to work on getting more and better sleep for better weight loss. ( Last spring at one of our “butt-crack of dawn” classes, we were exercising outside and hearing roosters. How is it possible that we were up before the roosters?)  On the days that I don’t have class, I either go for a walk either outside or at the gym or do a dance tape at home, sometimes minus one shoulder! Ha!

One last note-I have been reading a book called Wellness on a Shoestring.  I like to read it on my Kindle while I am at the gym on the treadmill.  A friend of mine introduced it to me after she heard I was trying to work hard on my weight loss goals. ( She was actually the ghost writer of the book!)  One of the main points of this book is about how we must take care of ourselves before we can really take care of others.  Hmmmmm- I wonder where we have heard about this before??? Ha! Ha!

Thank you Tonya for caring about my family, my health and me.  I greatly appreciate your kindness,determination and for never giving up on me. 

Thanks Ashley!  Keep it up!

F.I.T. in 2011,


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