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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mom On A Mission :: Meet Ashley

It is time to introduce our new Mom on A Mission, Ashley Wiltse!

Be sure to continue to check our Mom on A Mission page, as we update Ashely's measurements and stats, as well as, updated pictures, to find out how she's doing on her journey!

Here are a few words from Ashley about where she is in her life, the goals she's made, and what this opportunity means to her :

Hi!  My name is Ashley Wiltse.  I am 37 years old, married to a sweet guy (Sean) of almost 12 years and we have a little guy named Grier, age 3.  When I am not busy chasing my little boy and/or being his taxi to activities, I am a teacher and work-full time during the school year.  I was thrilled that Tonya asked me to be the next Mom on a Mission!  Like many of you, we all have obstacles that we have overcome, in the process of overcoming, or feel like we are going to be overcoming that obstacle for quite awhile.  Well, for me, it is a little bit of everything.
I love my family and my life. . .I just haven’t taken very good care of myself.  
Perhaps some of you have been in my world, but thought that no one else could be going through the same issues!  : )  Try this on for size:  About 7 years ago, my husband I were trying to start a family.  We have had many struggles with infertility, Polysytic Ovarian Disease, endometriosis, insulin resistance, etc.  After suffering through miscarriages, surgeries, shots, drugs, IUI’s, we were finally blessed with a son, Grier!  I was certain all of that dreary, depressive time of my life was over.  (The way I thought I could self-soothe myself was through food!)  Then, the pain got worse.  Many days, it’s been difficult to just get out of bed and go to school.  The pain from the endometriosis was/has been unbearable.  I realized that there isn’t a food on this planet that is going to make me feel any better.
So, in January, I decided I have two choices:
  1. Either I let all of this endometriosis beat me, or
  2. I beat it through making some major choices in my life.
I chose option #2.
I have to tell you though, I am not a super-athlete.  In fact, there are days where I might actually prefer going to the dentist instead of having to run, because it hurts my knees A LOT, but, I am hoping that through losing more weight, it will be come a bit easier on my joints so I can run longer. I have knee injuries and will probably be dealing with for a long time.  Know what though?  If this is all I have to contend with in life, it’s really just a drop in the bucket.
Like most of us, I am a creature of habit, so I know that I have to develop some different habits to really make good changes in my life.  For the next 4 months, my 3 goals that I am focusing on are:
  To spend the summer, learning to cook new healthy meals at home.  I would like to discover 1-2 new meals a week and see how it works out with my family.  If it’s a great recipe, then, I hope to make it again and freeze it so I will have some yummy dinners on hand when I go back to teaching in the fall.
To work on my cardiovascular endurance. I am going to enter in The Race For the Cure in honor of my mom in September.  She is a 19 year survivor and I would honored to run the race to celebrate her!  ( Remember, I told you all that I am not a huge fan of running, but I have to start somewhere! )
  To lose 60 pounds by Labor Day.
I am excited to get started with this new journey!  Thank-you Tonya for believing in me and for all of your support!

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