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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mom of the Month: Phoebe H.

Congratulations to Phoebe H.!!!  She is our November Mom of the Month for MommyMovement Fitness!

I am so thankful to have Phoebe in classes!  Not only is she consistent with coming to Strollers In Motion, Fit&Tone and CoreFusion but she does so much for the community of MommyMovement Fitness.  She always gives a meal for Meals in Motion, gives to the YWCA Women's Shelter and always checks up on others through fb!  She is a great motivator! 

Thanks Phoebe for being apart of MommyMovement Fitness! 

Take a walk in Phoebe's shoes:

First of all what is your favorite pair of shoes and why?
My favorite shoes would have to be my running shoes. I definitely wear them more than any other shoes and feel ready to take on the day when I put them on. When I’m home, I actually prefer to wear no shoes at all!
Fit as a Family!
Did you start Mommy Movement Fitness to lose weight?
I started coming to Strollers in Motion in Nov. 2009 (I can’t believe it’s been two years!!) when my daughter Paige was 5 months old. I was fortunate enough to have lost all of my pregnancy weight, so I was mainly looking for a way to start exercising again. I thought I was doing pretty well since I was back in all of my old clothes, but boy was I wrong- I was so out of shape (in terms of running, strength, endurance, etc)!! I had tried working out at the gym but just couldn’t leave my kids in the daycare- it made me too nervous for a variety of reasons. I have always been pretty active, and I just didn’t want to settle for not working out or just walking. A friend told me to check out the stroller class, and I am SO grateful that I did! I knew right away that it was going to be perfect for me. Not only could I work out with my baby there (and my 3.5 yr old son, Mason, sometimes too), but I was getting a much better workout than any workout I’d ever done in a gym BY FAR! And believe me, I was in the way back of class huffing and puffing! J
Great looking family!
What Class formats do you participate in?
I started with Strollers in Motion once a week. I never missed a week and loved the flexibility of coming any day I wanted. I also started going to the then Tuesday/now Thursday night Fit & Tone and Core Fusion classes. I’ve been doing every session for I think the last 1.5 yrs. I hate to miss a class, so I always try and make it up on Mondays if I can’t be there. I have also participated in 4 of Tonya’s challenges over the past 2 years. I looked back at my first challenge info from a few months after I started MMF, and I could only do 28 modified push-ups (on knees) in one minute. At my last assessment, I did 62 push-ups on my toes in one minute! This is where I have found the most change since starting MMF. I have always been able to maintain my weight and size, but that didn’t mean I was healthy or fit. I feel so much stronger now than I ever have! Last spring, I decided that just coming to strollers in motion once I week wasn’t enough, so I changed our family schedule around so that I could come at least 3-4 days per week. I am SO glad that I did. I also tried Zumba when MMF offered it- I guess if Tonya offers it, I will try it!
Mason doing CoreFusion
How has MMF changed your life?
Oh, my goodness, where to start? I get up everyday and know that I’m starting off on the right foot when I head to class. I find that I make better food choices throughout the day when I exercise. That is one of the main reasons why I decided to cut out some other things we do so that I could come to class more. I have learned from Tonya that selfish is not a bad word. I am a much happier, healthier mom because of it. And my kids love class. Paige didn’t even miss some of the other things we used to do because she likes class so much. In the morning if I am not wearing my workout clothes, she asks in a very worried way, “no stroller class?? Why??” Mason (almost 6) doesn’t come to class much anymore, but he came with me 3-4 days per week all summer. He loves the preschool stuff that Tonya does.
The little ones love doing what we do!
My kids are learning by watching me that exercise is an essential part of a healthy life, and that is priceless for me. They can both tell me names of the exercises we do, and they try and do them themselves. I also feel that coming to the evening classes have been so important because I rarely take time just for me, and I know you all know what I’m talking about. Also, it has extended to the whole family for us; my husband is now working out on a regular basis every week, something he didn’t used to make time for.
So cute!
More than anything, I have gotten to know so many wonderful mothers in our little MMF community! I love that we hold each other accountable, and there is always someone there who truly cares and listens when we ask each other, “how are you doing?” It is a great community that helps each other  and is there to support and encourage each other. November is a month for thinking about what we are thankful for; I am so thankful for Tonya and MMF.

Thanks Phoebe for being our Mom of the Month!  We are so thankful to have you in class!  Keep up the great work!

F.I.T. in 2011,


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