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Saturday, July 7, 2012

July Mom of the Month: Lindsey T. (very PREGNANT)


(Such an adorable picture of her and Quinn)

So proud of you Lindsey!  You have continued to take care of yourself all through your pregnancy!

Lindsey gets out of the house and to most Stroller In Motion classes with both Quinn and Noah (and is due next week)!!!  What a dedication to herself and her kids!

So excited to meet that little bundle of joy and to have you continue with your workouts after your baby is born!
Quinn and Noah

Lindsey's Testimony:

As soon as I learned I was pregnant, I knew the best way to get in shape for delivery and prepare my body to bounce back from pregnancy was to continue the Strollers in Motion workout.  I went into this pregnancy in possibly the best physical shape of my life and while it was hard to kiss that body goodbye, I knew that working with Tanya would make a return to that body doable.  While it’s been hard at times remembering what I was capable of a year ago and seeing how much less I do right now, I know that it’s only a matter of time until I’ll be right back up there.
            The support of the other ladies was another plus.  I have truly enjoyed the relationships I have formed with so many of you.  While our hour long workouts aren’t always a walk in the park, the camaraderie we enjoy makes the time go quickly.  Added to that, my two kids consider their young friends a part of their lives. I also get a kick out of watching my kids imitate many of our exercises in their play throughout the day.  Going to “exercise” is a given part of our day.  I believe that the exercise habit they have experienced will have an impact on how they view their own future lives. 
            I’m grateful that I found Strollers in Motion so soon after moving to Wichita.  Staying with the program through this pregnancy has been easier than I would have guessed.  I would not have done anything differently.

Way to go Lindsey!  You are such an inspiration to all of us and many more!

Commit to be F.I.T. in 2012,


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