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Monday, February 11, 2013

Strollers In Motion & BOOTCAMP: No More MUSTANG FIELD!


STARTING TOMORROW (TUESDAY, FEB.12TH) WE WILL HAVE STROLLER IN MOTIONS AND BOOTCAMP AT SLUGGERS!  Sluggers is located off of Ridge Rd (just a little north of 13th St.), pull in and go to the building in the back.  They have renovated the soccer field and is really nice (there is a picture on fb).  We will also have heat I can turn on!:)  Another bonus is when it is nice out we can run/walk to the park again like we used too!  If you have a triple stroller you will need to bring your stroller in sideways through the door and on the field.  There is a garage door but the door onto the field is not bid enough.  I was going to ask about storing them there but didn't see a safe place for them to be stored!  

Sorry for any inconvenience but I feel this will be a better fit for MommyMovement Fitness!  Thank you for understanding!


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